Reviewed The Best Hardware 2021

Reviewed: The Best Hardware 2021

2021 has been a busy year for best hardware in many categories, and we are fortunate to review these pieces that have impressed us in a year that hasn’t been the best in the industry. Let’s give you the best for us during this blog.

The Best Hardware 2021

Yes, 2021 was not the best in the industry if you ask us, but as usual, there are products that are launched every year and we review them until we get you a picture of them before you decide to buy them to become your own.

Best Graphics Card in 2021

We are not talking about professional graphics cards, but about the graphics chips that power these cards. The brightest chip this year was AMD’s Radeon RX 6700 XT chip . You’ll tell us there are more powerful cards like the RTX 3080 Ti on the market, and I’ll tell you that, as a complete package, they’re no better than the Radeon RX 6700 XT.

The card, if we talk about it as if it were in a world that did not witness a crisis of chips and logistics that prevented the card from reaching those who need it at its original price.

We will find that it comes with the best value for performance this year. The card offers an excellent experience with 1440p resolution in order to be the best card in this region alongside the RTX 3070 card that was released last year.

The card is very close to the RTX 3070 in terms of performance, and the difference between it and the RX 6800 card that comes after it is only 9% for a $100 discount from the price of the larger card to get that RX 6700 XT card.

The energy consumption of the card was good, the card is not that expensive in an ideal world that we do not live in now.

This was our best card with an 8.0 rating for not offering better graphics than NVIDIA’s bundle in the new RTX-30 cards, but as a “raw” experience that works with games without any extra tech, this is the best card in its price category in our opinion even if it’s Its ray tracing is equal to that of the RTX 3060.

Intel Core i9 12900K Processor Best in 2021

Intel’s 12th generation processors arrived at the end of last year, and the brightest one was the Core i9-12900K that reflected the power of the Alder Lake-S hybrid architecture, which we consider to be the best processor of the year.

The new processor started supporting DDR5 memory with PCIe fifth generation lines. This was the boom with which Intel launched its media campaign, but what shocked us in the end was the tremendous performance these processors provided, and what we saw in our review was enough to nominate this Core i9 processor.

This processor is the most powerful processor designed for desktop devices at the moment even its price was not high compared to what AMD offers with a processor like the Ryzen 9 5950X, which Intel is approaching with its Core i9 processor. At the same time, the processor was better in terms of single-core performance and gaming in all conditions in which it was tested.

Intel has not limited anyone in terms of graphic solutions. If you want a graphics chip that can work with light tasks, the integrated graphics processor is able to provide this experience, and if you do not want a graphics processor from the original, you can buy the KF version to rely on your graphic card completely.

The performance of the processor with light and heavy tasks at the same time was great because of the new architecture, and the performance of multi-core was stronger than the last generation also by 13%, which is a very good percentage if you ask us compared to a previous generation with Intel.

At $570, you’ll get a premium package just as powerful as AMD’s $800 package to deliver the same performance, but the crunch here will be in the ruthless power draw of this ruthless processor when it’s running at the highest frequencies, which reach up to 5.2GHz. with performance cores.

Good return, Intel , you deserve to be here.

Best Hardware in 2021 Best Power Supply

The Corsair RM1000x power supply was the best for us for a lot of reasons. The experience of this provider was in the operating conditions of mid-range devices and high-end devices as well because the space of 1000 watts it provides was excellent for many central processors and graphics cards as well.

This cooler that gave us 1000W to enjoy with our different devices did not disappoint. The provider has obtained 80+ gold certifications and its competency was already in the same numbers as this certification. On medium loads, the cooling performance was amazing, especially since we hardly heard any sound from its fan, which was on at the time.

When loaded to the max, this power supply delivers up to 1150 watts of power, which means it’s ready if you break the 1000 watt figure with a few small numbers to protect what you’re running. The radiator fan provided great cooling at the same time that the supplier, as we said, was able to handle the loads we put on it.

The server was from the Fully Modular category, which was much easier to install than the servers that come outside this category, and at the same time it came with high quality cables that helped us a lot in many installation conditions on more than one computer case.

At just $250, this cooler is a bargain for anyone considering one.

Best RAM in 2021

The best RAM we reviewed this year was Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR5 . I know that these memories are not common at the moment, but the package that Corsair offers us in these memories made them the best for us this year because they provided a lot using the DDR5 standards.

These memories come with a frequency starting from 4800 MHz, which is the normal frequency for DDR5 memories, which provides twice the basic frequency of DDR4 memories. The electrical efficiency is better this time due to having a lower voltage than the previous generation, and do not forget that it also saves its power regulation circuits on the same memory for the best possible electrical conductivity.

The memory itself comes with a great cooling system through its heat sink, which made the temperatures suitable for heavy loads that involve moving a lot of data in and out of memory, and of course the new XMP 3 files from Intel provided great performance while overclocking the memory making it provide better performance with applications that Depend on memory.

The Corsair touch with these flash drives is also present in very cool RGB lighting. The design is very elegant and adds an aesthetic touch to any computer case that will use these memories, which will of course work with the Z690 platform because it is the only one that supports it at the moment.

Even if DDR5 memory is currently suffering from a shortage crisis due to the lack of circuits manufactured for it and due to the high prices, what Corsair provided was enough to make its memory the best this year.

Best CPU Liquid Cooler 2021

We’ve been honored to see coolers from companies we haven’t dealt with before this year, and we want to thank Fractal Design and EK for giving us their Celesius+ S28 Prisma and AIO Elite 360 ​​D-RGB coolers. It’s unfair to pick one over the other because they’re great at what they do, but this year, we’re going to choose EK’s AIO Elite cooler for one reason.

This six-fan cooler delivered industry-record performance last year, outperforming all of the 360mm coolers we reviewed. This is due to the fact that it relies on six fans on its radiator, and this provided a strong pull and push for the air that cools the central processor you are using, and if there is a socket for it for the 12th generation processors, we recommend it, of course.

At the same time, the design was very elegant in terms of shape, with the distinctive RGB lighting and the shape of the fans, which adds a great aesthetic shape to the package as a whole. The build quality of the parts on which this cooler depends is also excellent, and there is a 5 year warranty for perfection.

The price is of course high for this cooler, but the performance and power it offers may pay off for those who want to get a cooler for a high-end device, but if you are looking for a 240mm cooler, Celesius+ S28 Prisma is the best choice for us this year.

Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Pro Motherboard Review

As we said, the new generation of Intel made its mark in the market this year, and its platforms should have made the same. The brightest footprint this year was for the Z690 chip of the highest class of Intel processors, and the best motherboard with this chip was the Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Pro .

The new motherboard came with a very special chip, and this is because it is the first chip that supports the PCIe interface of the fifth generation in order to prepare to launch the best storage units ever in terms of performance and support for the new DDR5 memories that made a revolutionary leap in the world of random memories, even if we did not find anyone to exploit it After software and games.

Apart from the features of the chip, this board provided great capabilities to overclock the central processor that pushed it to the limits with stability of performance due to excellent cooling through heat sinks placed on the voltage regulator unit, which was also stable with a high electrical load on it due to the thirst of Intel processors This generation is for electricity.

The board provided a great variety of USB connections with support for Internet networks at speeds of 2.5 gigabit through Ethernet connections, and for WiFi, this board provided a WiFi 6 interface for speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.

The ALC4080 audio chip provided an experience worthy of the category for which Gigabyte offers this motherboard with HiFi technologies, and this is for an excellent gaming experience from our point of view.

At a very good price for what this tablet has to offer, we can say that this elegant tablet from Gigabyte deserves to take the title of the best this year.

Best PC Box 2021

When we talk about Lian Li, we always talk about one of the best companies in the computer case market that offers the best performance. Yes, the company’s pricing can be annoying at times to some, but to provide a box like LanCool 215 with excellent performance at a great price makes it a complete solution for many categories.

All this is due to the excellent airflow, which can also be improved by installing up to seven fans inside, not to forget that it is as easy to install as a computer case in which many things can be installed.

As for the luxuries of the box, here you get RGB lighting that can be easily adjusted through software etc., and you also get USB 3.0 connections with audio connections on the front. So yes, there is no entry for Type-C, but for a box that only comes in at $70, that’s the best value you can get for performance, which made it the best Lian Li this year for us because we’re at a time when some of us might be frugal. some pieces.

Gigabyte M28U gaming screen

For the gaming monitor market, the space to get a 4K screen with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz has become very easy, especially since there are hardware that can run this graphic standard, lucky, right?

That’s exactly what the Gigabyte M28U monitor offers . The screen that comes outside of the Aorus umbrella provides exactly what devices designed for this graphic accuracy need, especially those who will play remotely or don’t need to adjust a lot of things on their screen and just enjoy the screen experience itself.

The screen provided us with an IPS panel rich in vibrant colors that suits all gaming environments, 4K resolution that has come in handy for some graphics cards, a 120Hz refresh rate and a millisecond response time. All this contributes to excellent graphic accuracy with vivid colors, all with the best possible smoothness due to the refresh rate and without any kind of fogging due to the slight response time.

One of the most important advantages provided by this screen is the KVM feature, which enables you to use your mouse and keyboard on any device connected to the screen, and this feature needed a single device to get it.

Focusing on performance and away from unnecessary accessories and features to reduce the price of the screen and provide the necessary connections to enjoy the full experience, this screen was the best for us this year.

They have already established themselves in a market that was not the best of 2021 and was full of disappointments, but what we saw of innovative products and graphics and central chips that are able to provide good value for money, if at their original price, at least made us happy with something. See you next year with what is better, God willing, and Arab Hardware was with you to harvest the best in 2021.


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